Monday, 15 August 2011

Dearest families, friends, lovers, haters & beloved


At lastt!!
i have my very own blog!- since my previous blog hv been deleted because of,,hurm,,
 NOTHIN actually- kikikikiki
i just felt like i want to -beruba hangen-coz u know hari2 hadap 
MUKA BUKU a.k.a FB memang totally B.O.R.I.N.G :(
but yes.. since i really think bloggin is one of the way we can share anythin n evrythinn, stories, songs or any stuffs,loves, perhaps?
 Hehehe , so here iam, i can’t really give u any psycho analysis about myself, cause u know, woman is a lil bit complicated sumtyms, even me myself can really predict my own self...
ahaha but basically, iam just everythin i am,
as all of u might knows-ahaha i lovess cute stuffs, i lovess shoppinnn, i lovesss gossipinn, i love to b withh all my belovedd darlinss...(friends expecially) lovee u guyss to bitss ;), addicted to a guy-(sape lg kn?) J
i love been anywhere n evrywhere with my other 2 princess, also my beloved hubby, ibu n abah-loveee u guys sooo muchh!! hum wut else eyh?-tuh je kowt!hehe ;)

Akhir kata from me Ibu G.O.J.E.S… hhaah GOJES ker?

 happy fastinn. may Allah bless us with Iman n health ;)Amin –

p/s : wahhh sepecial entry wei… tetiba mood nak speaking bahasa jajahan walhal English yang hadoooo… okies ler tu kan…. Janji M.E.N.C.U.B.A….


  1. mmg CURLASSS Speaking koo jii-..hahahaha